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A faith-based non-profit training up students into kingdom minded influencers

Founded by visionary Jamahl "Coach AP" Morton Sr, The Black Tube Institute gives back to the content creator community in the areas of technology, education, mentorship, housing, mental health, and entrepreneurship . Our goal is to train up thousands of students into kingdom minded influencers. These influencers will become the stars of tomorrow that will make the physical and internet world a safer and better space. At TBT Institute, students learn how to transform their lives through technology and social media just as Coach Ap has done.


Only 5% of the top 200 Youtube earners are Black. Among them, 10 of 11 are considered iconic (i.e. Drake, Rihanna).

This is troubling because it shows that unless you are on an iconic level of influence it is much harder for black content creators to achieve success on YouTube. I spoke with my team and we collectively decided to do something about it!

  1. We've created The Black Tube, a for-profit social media platform that exists as a safe space, dedicated to uplifting black culture & helping creatives earn more revenue.

  2. We've created The Black Tube Institute, a non-profit initiative where we empower content creators to be successful on and off social media through mentorship, spiritual guidance, hands on experience, housing, and even access to a studio space uniquely designed for creatives.


Meet Visionaries Jamahl & Shavonne Morton


The Black Tube institute was created by Musicians turned Tech Entrepreneurs, Jamahl & Shavonne Morton. This power couple first came to fame, under their stage names Ap 1nabillion & Dangerus Diva, through their viral music videos and celebrity interviews. They then rose to another level of success on YouTube as the creators of the 500 Million view channel, ItsJfunk & the So in Love Family.

When not running their own brands they're running multimedia company Welcome 2 Media LLC, which has spent 10+ years helping creators grow their channels on Youtube, personally promoting and working with more than 100 content creators as clients... Including celebrities. They've successfully took their knowledge and expertise and started their own platform, to empower creators of color & break the racial wealth gap in the social networking industry.


TBT Influencer School

We are now 2 months of classes in at TBT Institute Influencer School. An average of 25 students are either learning online or traveling from across the US to California to attend our school in person.

Our school is open to students of all ages and ethnicities. We have a heavy emphasis on faith based principals and celebrating Afrocentric culture. Course curriculum includes classes in

  • marketing
  • branding
  • acting
  • networking
  • public speaking
  • AI
  • financial literacy
  • graphic design
  • web development
  • contract negotiation
  • music production
  • vocal training
  • writing
  • recording
  • health/fitness

TBT Studios LA

TBT Studios LA is a hybrid living space specializing in audio/visual recording and streaming. Artists can simultaneosly broadcast to a wide online fanbase using the, perform to intimate studio audiences, and capture high quality content for selling and promoting their brand.

  • Cyc wall for pics
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • access to camera, lights, editing software
  • Several rooms for unique content creation
  • Audio recording studio
  • knowledable engineers and influencers available to assist


Meet "K Dizzy"

Creative Genius

22 year old Gamer Influencer, Kendall "K Dizzy" Clyburn moved from Rochester New York to California to not only attend TBT Institute in person, but to also become a live-in intern at The Black Tube's TBT Studios LA location.

Coined as "The First Prince of The Black Tube", Kendall is an integral part of the TBT family and creates a wide variety of content, including gaming, trading, traveling, and mental health.

Meet "Auna Bear"

The Software Entrepreneur

Auna is a software engineer at a corporate tech company called Splunk, but since joining the TBT Institute, has reconnected to her creative side. Notable projects, like the TBT merch store and institute website, have labeled her the "software entrepreneur". TBT Institute has helped Auna utilize her God-given talents to the fullest extent.

"I moved to Simi Valley to find God and to my surprise, I also found TBT. That showed me that TBT is where God is." Auna has always dreamed of being a part of a startup vision that intersected her love for tech, social justice, and faith. She is excited to be a part of the team. "Sign me up!".

Meet "Mr." Ant Davis

Writer/Content Creator

Mr. Anthony Davis is a writer/content creator for The BlackTube, formulating comedic content and assisting aspiring content creators with platform-building strategies. In addition to content creation, Davis performs stand-up comedy as well as writing, acting, hosting, and directing social media content. Davis has amassed over 15 years of experience in the digital content creation space. His connection with TBT Institute has helped him to grow as an influencer. From learning more about video editing, creating quality thumbnails, to gaining better monetization across the internet. TBT has also provided a space for him to connect with like minded people.

Davis began content creation in a comedic trio, The Playmakers, along with Kev On Stage and Jason Fredericks. They went on to produce viral content on YouTube for 3 years which led to a content creation deal with Tracey Edmonds. The Playmakers developed a new platform on YouTube, AlrightTV. Davis went on to produce content for the start-up streaming service, BrickTV, and orchestrated original content for the platform.


Sow a Seed

Are you inspired? Help the next generation of content creators by giving today! Below are some of our student needs:


Students receive hands-on mentorship and education. Tuition averages $2000/month per student but varies on specific needs.


Students are housed in fully furnished rooms within TBT Studios LA, averaging $1500/month per student.


In addition to housing, students are provided 3 meals/day, snacks, and access to a fully equipped kitchen.


Books, Computer, Smartphone, DSLR Camera, Lighting Kit, Tripod, Graphics and Editing Software


Students receive transportation to and from school, church, and other exploratory trips in Southern California for research purposes.

Give via credit/bank card